Sprinter Trucks

When your transport needs call for a Sprinter truck, call the experts at CR Danstar for information and solutions. Sprinter express trucks are aerodynamic, fuel-efficient, and are known for carrying larger payloads at a minimum cost per load. No wonder they are so popular with clients who are very interested in the bottom line.

Call us today and we will answer all of your questions about legal axle weights, wall heights, routing of air and electrical lines, tow hooks, ground clearance, and more.

The cargo van and Sprinter are designed for mission-critical type freight. Do you have something that will cause a plant to shut down if it is not delivered on time, but it isn't a full truckload either? This is what these drivers specialize in. Maybe you have a product or part that has to get to R & D before a permit expires, we can help with that. Was a previous order short by a pallet or two on planning and would cause a major shutdown if not rec'd asap. We can help with that as well. We also offer high-value services as well (we don't do one of a kind or artifacts/antiques!!) We also offer white glove services to the top tier customers that require this type of service.

There might be certain situations and certain commodities we don't haul for safety or security reasons, but give us a call and let us review your needs, we can work together to get you the best solution possible for your express type services.

Call CR Danstar Transportation, LLC at (651) 436-9987 for more information, we have approx 300 trucks nationwide to help you find the success you seek... Email: Dan.Mitchell@crdanstar.com

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