Cargo Vans & Straight Trucks

Landstar Express America specializes in Expedited ground Services and air services. We have some temp control, higher security and offer critical deliveries. We specialize in both same day transit and team delivery services (pending availability at the time of call). We have over 350 trucks in our fleet of all sizes. We offer: time definite, critical, air shipments, supply line rescue and more – please call for a free quote. We are fully recognized by US Border and Customs Dept, we are C-TPAT compliant, we can run both USA and Canada and Mexico. We combine a dedicated network of business-capacity owners and scheduled airline service to expedite domestic and international freight throughout the country and across the globe," Critical shipment needs are our focus," he continues. "Because our vehicles are not domiciled, we can offer door-to-door, exclusive-use truck service -- with pricing aligned to delivery time frames. We also handle air chartering and ocean forwarding." We provide value-added service while functioning as a low fixed-capital 'virtual' company,"

We have cargo vans, Super Bee vans, and D-Straight trucks from 16-33’ lengths (most are 20-24’) in the fleet.

But, here’s a few things about cargo vans you can include.

- faster shipping
- door to door service
- DOT approves drivers
- Completed background checks on drivers
- Cargo vans inspected every 120 days
- Track freight to destination
- cargo van of all sizes
- most drivers travel to Canada
- most drivers have hazmat endorsements
- drivers are professional and courteous to all customers at pickup and delivery

Cargo Vans

For smaller loads, versatile, reliable cargo vans are an excellent option for many situations. CR Danstar has a long history of moving freight of all kinds via cargo vans.

We provide cargo van service for events, relocation, deliveries, and many more situations. We assist with all phases of the job, including loading and delivery. We use state-of-the-art equipment, professional personnel, and a focus on customer service to ensure your shipments arrive on time. For more information call us at (651) 436-9987

Straight Trucks

Straight trucks, also known as box trucks, cube trucks, cube vans, or bob trucks, usually have a 4 to 7- meter length and a garage door-like rear door that rolls up. Some straight trucks feature a cargo area that is accessible via a small door from the cab. Popular uses for straight trucks include hauling furniture, appliances or similar cargo. Straight trucks are also frequently used to move freight from homes and offices.

Call CR Danstar today at (651) 436-9987 to learn more about straight truck options.

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