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Shipping and Freight Services

CR Danstar offers a diverse, flexible lineup of shipping and freight services. Our knowledgeable shipping and freight experts will provide you with professional rate design, a thorough consultation with answers to all of your questions, and follow-through until delivery, including POD information.

We look forward to you becoming a return customer.

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CR Danstar handles all of its clients’ truckload needs using 53-foot vans, 53-foot reefers, flatbeds, stepdecks, RGNs, and double drops. We also offer over-dimensional hauling.

We ship anywhere in North America and have access to an extensive network of LTL freight carriers who compete on price for your freight.

We also offer Over-Dimensional hauling as well as Expedited cargo with cargo vans, super bees and D-Straight units up to 26’ in length, both solo and team operations. Several have Dept of Defense level clearances, but most have: TSA, TWIC, AA&E, Haz-mat and tanker certifications.

Van Shipments

CR Danstar’s 53-foot vans can haul anything our clients need. However please note we generally do not handle household freight, unless it is crated or very high-risk freight, such as artwork.

We operate in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. Call us today and we’ll let you know about direct options as well as our partner carrier options.

CR Danstar is proud to be an agent for Landstar Ranger. We feature a carrier network of dry vans (the most common form of truckload freight transportation) capable of moving freight where you need it at the lowest possible cost.

Please note that dry van shipping is not temperature-controlled. Freight is usually loaded on pallets, is packed in boxes, or is otherwise secured in the trailer.

Careful cooperation with the client during the packaging and loading process is essential prior to dry van shipping. Expensive or delicate products can be damaged if procedures are not followed.

Expedited Shipping

CR Danstar offers expedited dry van shipping services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call our freight experts and your urgent shipments will soon be on their way.

We use “team” transit to ensure delivery is on time. Our teams routinely transport loads 1,000 miles in about 22 hours. And you will have access to customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our clients who deal with just-in-time shipments rely on CR Danstar to keep their warehouses and factories operating. Let us take care of your shipping needs so that you can focus on your business.

Contact us today to learn more about guaranteed expedited delivery.

Heavy Haul and Over-Dimensional Hauling

CR Danstar offers over-dimensional freight services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our specialists have transported oversize loads as heavy as 400,000 pounds for manufacturers, distributors and contractors from around the world.

We work with thousands of our partner companies to ensure the right equipment is used to ship your load as far as it needs to go, no matter the size.

More about our equipment

CR Danstar features a long list of available trailers. They include:

  • 48-foot and 53-foot flatbeds
  • Stepdeck or single-drop trailers
  • Double drops
  • RGNs
  • Lowboys
  • Beam trailers
  • Maxi trailers
  • Extendable flatbeds
  • Extendable stepdecks
  • Extendable double drops
  • Extendable RGNs
  • Schnabel trailers
  • Perimeter trailers
  • Multi-axle trailers
  • Cargo Vans
  • Super bees
  • D-Straight units

Our specialists will consult with you about load value, length, width, height, weight, and special instructions. We have many years of experience selecting the right equipment for the job.

Delivery routes will be carefully planned using cutting-edge technology, and always with costs in mind. Deadlines and on-time delivery are always a priority. Navigating Canada lanes is no problem. And you’ll receive a prompt freight quote.

CR Danstar professionals will handle craning, rigging and securing cargo. We conduct a thorough safety inspection. And we’ll handle the required

We have the highly sought after Conestoga Trailers including 53’ SD conestogas that go up to 122” tall inside height.   We also have a Double Drop

 Conestoga Show Trailer, which are capable of shipping a wide variety of specialized freight. Flatbed and stepdeck conestoga trailers feature an innovative

Our drivers and logistics coordinators have years of experience working together. Plus you’ll have access to round the clock customer service. Surprises and costly problems will be a thing of the past. Call us today to learn more. retractable curtain system.
We have Conestoga that run to Canada as well:

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii … and almost everywhere else

Alaska, Hawaii, Key West, and elsewhere (call us) … CR Danstar can do it.

Alaska Frieght

CR Danstar understands Alaska's challenging terrain, weather, unique roads and far-away destinations. Our specialists use trucks, ships, barges, ferries, and aircraft to complete shipments of all sizes anywhere in the state.

Alaska is a unique environment, so call us today so we can tell you about our experience using complete truckload services, air, cargo ship, and barge capabilities. We have partner relationships that allow us to accept conestoga, flatbed, stepdeck, RGN, OD, OW, cargo van and DST shipments.

Hawaii Frieght

CR Danstar offers a wide variety of air and ocean shipping options to, from or within Hawaii. We are thoroughly familiar with Los Angeles-area and Northern California-area ports. Let us know your budgets and deadlines … we will work with you.

We offer port to port service that allows customers to deliver loaded containers to a convenient, efficient terminal for drop-off and pick-up at the destination.

We can deliver empty containers near some west coast ports and pick it up once it is loaded. CR Danstar specialists can also arrange shipping from connecting rail services throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Non-container wheeled freight and trailers can be rolled on and off special vessels between the west coast ports of Long Beach and Oakland, and the Hawaiian ports of Honolulu, Kahului, and Hilo. We can also handle shipments of oversized vehicles, heavy machinery, and other freight that will not fit in a container.

CR Danstar ships thousands of automobiles, trucks, buses, and tractors every year.

Thank you for reading … Call us !!!

Contact CR Danstar today at (651) 436-9987 for more information.

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