Double Drop Trailers

Double drop trailers are commonly used to transport higher than average loads without obtaining special permits. Lower deck heights are usually just 20 to 22 inches, but we have a few that are down to 18" heights as well. Most double drop trailers are about 48 feet in length, and payloads vary. The Double Drop and Multi Axle RGN's can run to Canada and all 48 states as they are permitted individually. Please call for details.

Double drop trailers can be difficult to load, but the professionals at CR Danstar have years of experience with this specialized equipment. Call (651) 436-9987 today to learn more.

We also have multi-axle platform trailers from 5 axles up to 14 axles for super size and super heavy loads in our fleet and we have partners that can move the really big stuff, like the super loads you see on the YouTube videos :)

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