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Just above is the equipment of Jason and Caroline Ray, one of the premier Double Drop Conestogas in the industry, talk about "ALL AMERICAN"   Born and bred from Central Arkansas    When you want your freight going down the road in style and its just to risky for a tarp job, then you call the Ray's to haul it.    CR Danstar works with the best in the business from professionalism to expertise and skills and there is no room for 2nd place.   Double Drop Conestogas are a very rare animal and as such they do draw a very competitive rate per mile and often need 10-20 days on requests to book them if you can find them at all.    So give us a call when you need one and we'll find out where Team Ray is located, just ask for Truck # 554434, They have combined over 20 years experience and will take great care of your freight ! 

Conestoga trailers can carry a huge variety of loads and can be loaded and unloaded in a variety of ways. This versatility gives the shipper and the recipient a great deal of flexibility when planning transportation solutions. Loads are completely protected from the elements and can be accessed from the front or back of the trailer. Sliding tarp systems are available. Conestoga trailers can be opened and closed easily by the shipper, operator, and recipient while at the same time ensuring complete security. 

One of the key reasons that Conestoga trailers are in high demand is these specialized trailers keep all tarps off freight. The result is that sensitive loads are not damaged by tarps rubbing against the load. If your business requirements call for transportation by Conestoga, CR Danstar has Conestoga trailers that will run both USA and Canada. Bear in mind that Canada does not recognize spread axle trailers, so the loads are limited to 20k lbs in some cases unless you can spread the weight out properly to meet the Canada laws.   

As demand has increased for Conestoga trailers, so have prices and frustration by customers who sometimes struggle to locate and hire this specialized equipment. But CR Danstar has a robust fleet of customized Conestoga trailers.  We have about 350 Conestoga Trailers:  Flatbed type, Stepdeck type and even an elusive DD Conestoga. So contact one of our friendly representatives today at (651) 436-9987 and we can assist you with your unique hauling needs.  Flatbed Conestogas typically have up to 98" on inside height, 102" wide and 48-53' long (less 6" for the frame on length) and there is a few that are larger by driver customization.   SDCS trailers are typically 118-122" inside height, 102" wide and 48-53' long with lower decks from 37-42' long, there is a few that are larger by individual drivers customization too.   The Double Drop Conestoga can handle up to 11-4" tall in the well, is also a Tri Axle with a flip axle, so is capable of heavier loads. 

It is highly advisable to call about a week in advance when you need a Conestoga trailer, they are in such high demand they can be hard to book them at times and only have 350 of them, they are not going to be everywhere at every call, many customers are booking these trucks back to back on multiple loads and even paying the truck to wait if needed, just to make sure they can assure they have the truck.  This trailer type has quickly evolved into the most sought after trailer type since sliced bread and as a result, rates to book them remain very high regardless of anything else happening in the industry or where it is going from and to.   This seems to be the one trailer type totally oblivious to any other type of market influence.   So please give us a weeks' notice to commit the truck for you.

We also have Conestogas that will run Canada too, they can run loads into Canada for you and we do have a couple that are Canadian based as well.   This particular truck has set up a subsite that has all their particular information.  Please click here:   (or paste to browser)    This is Greg & Marlaina Betnaza in Truck # 556022, they are A&E Certified, TWIC, Team, ramps and run the entire US 48 states and Canada.   The sublink has alot more details about their truck.   

This Truck below of the ownership of M. Ali Jones - yes you read correctly - he is related to the Legendary boxer too.  His professionalism and service and experience pack a powerful 1-2 punch combo.   Ali Jones is TWIC certified, TSA Certified and pretty much runs all 48 states.  He has some of the nicest equipment all around too and some have taken to calling him "THE BLACK KNIGHT"  as yes folks, "the blacks knights will prevail" (if you know what movie this is from, you have a great memory)   

This truck below is that of David and Jewell Daft Truck # 530025, they are TWIC, TSA, and husband and wife team.  I have personally seen this team run from Houston, TX to NJ on a critical GE run, then still make it out to WY on preplanned run they had, all in a weekend with ELD's.  Its called keeping the left hand door shut and keeping the wheels moving.  They run steady, they run hard and are incredibly depenable and reliable.  They run a 53' SDCS trailer with a 42' bottom deck, 11' upper deck and 124" inside height (very tall trailer).   Please call if interested in booking.  

This Flatbed Conestoga trailer can accept a load of up to 98 inches tall inside, and 102" wide. The trailer is 48 feet long, 47 feet 8 inches inside. Net weight maximum is about 42,000 pounds. It is owned by driver: John Kump, TSA, TWIC, Solo Operator, but very reliable and professional.   

The FB Conestoga trailer can handle loads up to 102" tall inside (or two containers) height and width and is 48 feet long. It maxes out at about 30,000 pounds net weight. This spread axle trailer can operate as a team truck. It can operate in the 48 United States.  This is is the ownership of Lisa and Craig Ringlestetter, Team Operation, A&E certified, TWIC, TSA and runs all 48 states.   Just in case your wondering, yes they do have a kitchen sink !  (A shower, a King Size bed, a washer n dryer and a swimming pool inside (well, I may be lying on the swimming pool... LOL)  but they run a very tight ship and are great to work with.  

We have many other Conestoga Traielrs as well, this is just a few of the ones in our fleet.   If you need to book this trailer type, please gives us a call at the #s listed on the front page, or sent us a quote on the back page on quote requests.   Thanks for your time and viewing of our website and Conestoga Trailers.  

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