Cargo Vans

For smaller loads, the versatile and reliable cargo vans are an excellent option for many situations. CR Danstar has a long history of moving freight of all kinds via cargo vans.  The larger picture above is that of Andre Leflore Unit # 9577.  Andre is TSA Certified, TWIC, Canadian Compliant, CARB compliant and runs all 48 states and Canada.  In Oct 2019, he even battled his way through the massive blizzard over Montana to deliver a critical load to Zelstoff Celgar Power plant to keep them operating up there.   Andre can load up to 9' in back and has 54" between the wheel wells, he can carry up to 3000 lbs comfortably for weight.  He is very fast, very professional and will make you proud you hired him to do your transportation emergencies.  

We provide cargo van service for events, relocation, deliveries, and many more situations. We assist with all phases of the job, including loading and delivery. We use state-of-the-art equipment, professional personnel, and a focus on customer service to ensure your shipments arrive on time. For more information call us at (651) 436-9987

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