CR Danstar knows Alaska

CR Danstar will haul your freight and deliver it on time almost anywhere in Alaska. We are extremely experienced dealing with the challenging elements and complex restrictions related to transporting loads in Alaska.

Rule changes have allowed more carriers to operate in Alaska, but don't be fooled, you want to rely on a carrier like CR Danstar that knows what it is doing in this sometimes-difficult hauling environment.

CR Danstar offers van trailers, flatbeds, step decks, and removable goose neck trailers, plus all necessary trailing equipment for Alaska shipping. We employ drivers who are experienced running the “haul road” to Prudhoe Bay at the Top of the World, also known as the Kenai Oil Fields or the Northern Oil Fields.

We can coordinate with ships, barges, rail and aircraft to get specialized loads to the most remote locations. We have business relationships with individuals and companies in hard-to-reach areas including the Juneau and western Alaska regions.

Contact our professionals today and we can answer any questions you might have about transport between the lower 48 states and Alaska, warehousing, and many more customized services. We respond rapidly to rate requests and will provide your organization with a specialized plan and accurate cost estimates.

CR Danstar also offers team freight services in Alaska, oversize shipping, hazmat service, and ammunition and explosive transportation. We handle trade show shipping, remote site construction, sanitary bulk commodities hauling, and multi-modal logistics.

Inexperienced shippers sometimes attempt to operate in Alaska, and the result is a mistake in load rating, and stuck freight. CR Danstar personnel have years of experience planning and executing load shipments in Alaska.

Our professionals understand the trucking challenges related to the narrow roads and low bridges found in many parts of Alaska. CR Danstar is experienced in handling all kinds of terrain and weather while keeping the client informed of the load's progress throughout the journey. For more information contact CR Danstar today at (651) 436-9987.


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