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Who We Are

Our parent company was founded in 1992 and has been growing ever since. Our mentor agency has been around since the 80's and we got our start with Landstar in December 2004 when we inked on the line. It began with a meager staff of one—Dan Mitchell. Dan has been in and around trucking for over 20 years and participated in most aspects of the domestic process from being an actual driver long haul and owner operator, to local drayage and everything between. He has worked in warehousing from order placement to picking, packing and loading of trucks to dispatch, fleet management, customer services and load planning. He has a very strong understanding of how all the little intricasies work in trucking and how they come together and is the core of our staff. He follows many of the industries trends and topics on a regular basis is always trying to educate drivers via social media and always learning something new about the industry as well. Lori has been around trucking for about a year and half, almost 2 now, She works from the Denton, TX office. She is eager to learn, interacts with the drivers very well and helps with day to day operations work.

We believe in doing the best job possible all around and in an industry with the ever changing volatile world we work in from fuel prices to daily availability of equipment and even drivers that can only do certain things for various reasons, we still try our best to get the best negotiation for all parties involved. Trucking will always be a challenge because to many aren't knowledgeable enough to give good services or don't understand all the intricasies of the industry, to many, this is just a job, but to us its an adventure.

Passion, Dedication, and Business Integrity

CR Danstar Transportation was founded on the the principles of passion, dedication, and business integrity. We practice these values every day, every mile.

Representatives and drivers with CR Danstar are extremely meticulous in the planning and execution of delivery. We use cutting-edge technology and all of the latest industry practices. We don't cut corners just to save a few thousand dollars, as some carriers are known to do.

When difficulties present themselves during the transportation process, or the weather changes, CR Danstar representatives and drivers take responsibility and accountability and react professionally to the situation. The just-keep-going attitude used by other carriers that results in costly damage and unnecessary risk is not acceptable to CR Danstar, when customers call us up and say things like, I give a project to Dan’s team and then put my feet up on the desk, that is one of the best compliments we can receive, or course next to repeat business.

We don’t compete on price, we compete on service and happy customers and when you get those things, there is no price in the world that can beat that.

Some trucking carriers only care about point A and point B. CR Danstar's business philosophy is different. We pay attention to detail. We take all customer concerns into account and we ask the right questions to make sure the job is done right.

You can expect above-and-beyond service from CR Danstar. We don't just send short emails saying everything is OK. You'll be contacted with comprehensive information about your load and any issues that might affect the process.

Some of biggest names in trucking have surprising rates of problems. It's not uncommon for major carriers to experience multiday delays and do millions of dollars worth of property damage to freight, other vehicles and even roads and bridges.

Call CR Danstar today to learn about how our procedures and solutions are designed for top-notch customer service.

Damage and unnecessary risk is not acceptable to CR Danstar, when customers call us up and say things like, I give a project to Dan’s team and then put my feet up on the desk, that is one of the best compliments we can receive, or course next to repeat business.

We don’t compete on price, we compete on service and happy customers and when you get those things, there is no price in the world that can beat that.

Quality and Quantity

The shipping industry, particularly trucking, is in constant motion, responding to global needs.
The biggest challenge for shippers is to secure REAL, and direct, quality service. Poor service, more than price, affects the bottom line. In retro, many look back and say, I should have gone with the other guy, he was higher priced, but now I know why, as the load is stuck in limbo in some precarious situation.  No one is perfect, but there are distinct differences that set a few apart from others.
In the last decade or so, there has been a dramatic shift in how logistics companies do business. Giant 3rd and 4th party logistics companies, (3PL/4PL), employing a cost-plus model and incorporating management fees, use data to focus the negotiating on the fee for the truck, with little regard for service, professionalism, safety or specialization, resulting in a significant drop in quality in truck load shipping. They talk about those things yes, I hear it all the time, but far to many don’t know the right questions to ask and at the bottom line they are “COST PLUS” (management fee) that is how they operate.

 Direct carriers like Landstar (LSTR or LRGR) uses the rate-per-mile model, the true Owner Operator trucking model, to provide value to shippers. Landstar’s Owner Operators, a fleet 9,500 strong, are 100% business owners, owning their trucks, and the drivers I work with, own their conestoga trailers as well, they actually have skin in the game. This is the foundation of service, quality, professionalism, safety and specialization — skin in the game — and it allows shippers direct contact with their carrier. No management company adding a layer of cost between the shipper and the truck. Everyone talks about going direct, now you can do it also.

 Another factor in the broker carrier/logistics cost-plus model is the creation of pseudo Owner Operators. Many carriers buy a large volume of trucks and resell them to drivers in a lease-purchase plan. The carrier now can accept lower rates from moving freight because of the additional income from lease-purchase plans. The drivers accept lower rates because they must make huge payments to keep running. That means drivers have no money or time left to offer service, professionalism and safety. They are running ragged as the HOS (hours of service allows) but these models perpetuate the problems this industry has suffered from for years which are rooted in a safety first environment.

 The new question for shippers: am I paying for transportation or unnecessary layers of management?  Ask this question of my TMS company and see what kind of answer you get.  Do they come right back or beat around the bush? You asked a pointed question, you deserve a pointed answer, did you get one?
My business model is focused on “SERVICE”,  “PROFESSIONALISM” , “SAFETY” and “SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT".  My drivers are the real deal, some of the best in the industry. We have 1-2 and 3 million mile road stars (which is that many miles w/o an accident or reportable DOT incident) that can be a feat of titans to accomplish, but we have a good handful of that quality of driver.   The best, safest, Owner Operators, who own and care for their equipment, and are not hostage to the other carrier models, provide shippers real value.  Our drivers are required to do safety inspections every 120 days, most others are 6 months to annual only.  We do not allow drivers to park on any shoulders to sleep, called a “sitting duck policy”  We have a rigorous safety program as well that is 2nd to none.  All these great aspects are in the single rate per mile a customer pays, not a cost plus model like a 3PL would charge.

 Value in any endeavor commands a higher price.  But it pays you back in respect and professionalism as well as overall better service and when you compare, its not just the RPM your comparing to – does a Mercedes run like Toyota?  It doesn’t cost like one either.

 We are a shipping company of true professionals for true professionals.

 Cutting corners causes mistakes.  In this industry, there is no inconsequential mistake. A mistake leads to, at best, delay, at worst, destruction — crashes, cargo claims, crippled productivity, hurting your bottom line and all of those hurt both our reputations.  There is always another truck out there, but can you rely on them across the board?

 When you need it done absolutely right — without fail, every time — we are your carrier. Premier quality is our mission.  

 Call CR Danstar Transportation LLC and Landstar. My team is FIRST Class. Their experience, their equipment and their skill sets cannot be beat.

3PL/4PL (3rd and 4th party logistics companies)

Other carriers might rush through critical steps in the transportation process in order to get freight on the road as soon as possible. But CR Danstar believes in doing every stage of the shipment right. For example, if your load requires tarping, your load will be properly tarped, every time, so it arrives in the proper condition. And we'll still be on time.

When escorting is required, CR Danstar will make sure professional, experienced personnel are providing the services necessary for the safe delivery of your freight. Wide and tall loads require skilled, knowledgeable escorts, so we only hire the best.

CR Danstar takes every element of the transportation process seriously. Our representatives and drivers carefully monitor delivery time, safety, speed, vibration, and many more factors affecting transportation of a customer's freight.

Comprehensive planning goes into every transportation job at CR Danstar. And we are open and honest with our customers in all matters. If you require expedited shipping, call us today and we'll be glad to present options.

It all begins with a complete and accurate dispatch. Your calls will always be returned throughout the entire shipping process. We'll email you weather and location updates if you request them. And your freight will arrive when you expect it.

The representatives and drivers of CR Danstar have a passion for completing challenging, technical transportation jobs. We have a reputation throughout the industry for outstanding project management and customer service skills.

Some of our recent success stories include transporting an 18-foot tall generator from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Southern California. We've also been active on jobs related to ocean shipment, international freight, and containers.

Oversized loads are complicated, but CR Danstar routinely handles difficult jobs like 160,000-pound loads, and loads worth in excess of $20 million in cargo value. Routes in Canada and Mexico are no problem. We'll take care of all the border crossing issues for you.

Whether its an expedited, Hazmat, over-dimensional, super-sized or Conestoga load, CR Danstar has a heavy haul solution that will meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more

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