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At CR Danstar, LLC, A Veteran Owned business - US Armey, 1988.   We try to ease your stress by providing top quality and safety minded transportation services with some of the most professional, safety conscious and courteous drivers on the road today. We help transportation departments move their freight from one location to another. We have one of the safest carrier fleets on the road today and if you combine the experience behind Landstar and the safety environment with the professionalism of our drivers, you have one of the best companies to work and partner with.  While no one is ever perfect, except God, our team will strive to go that extra mile for you so your customers are also happy and in the end that is what its all about is happy customers.  

We move freight both domestic and International to include most countries, especially on the North American continent from the top of Alaska in Prudhoe Bay to Yellowknife and the Canadian Oil Sands to New Foundland and down to Key West, FL across the San Diego, CA as well as most parts of Mexico too.   If it is possible to get a truck in there, we can help. We use most major trailer types: Vans, Flatbeds, Stepdecks, Conestogas, Double Drop/RGN’s (of various sizes and configurations up to 13 axles in house), Schabel Trailers, Perimeter Trailers, Extendable trailers and we also have the Express team: Cargo Vans, Super bees and D-Straights.   We even have a Double Drop Conestoga, a most elusive trailer type.  

The Landstar business model is vastly different than most other carriers out there. We run on a full bred Owner Operator program and we demand the best from our drivers. On average only 1:50 applicants even gets to call himself a Landstar Driver. We also have one of the lowest turnover ratio’s in the industry, currently under 25% and that is in a world where many others are happy to be at 100% turnover and several others are at 200% So we must be doing something right! Landstar averages 2 preventable accidents per million miles driven and considering we have over 10,600 trucks, that is dominance in the field of safety and professionalism. We average approx. 0.57 claims per 1000 shipments, which is industry low as well.

Landstar is proud to recognized as CT-PAT, Homeland Security, IATA, TSA and Federal Maritime compliant as well. Yes there is always another choice in name out there if you are only considering bottom line price, but if you want more than price, if you want quality of service and if you want professional drivers with very high safety ratings.. There is only 1 choice… Landstar and CR Danstar Transportation, LLC      I do like to quote a legendary CEO in saying "An Educated Consumer is our best customer"   ~Sy Simms     Truer words have not been spoken ! 

Featured above is one of our best team operations in Landstar - Jason and Caroline Ray with the "ELUSIVE" Double Drop Conestoga T # 554434 - they are available upon request - please call for more information on using their trailer type.  


What We Offer

That's what you're looking for when you're in the market for a Transporation Carrier, and our experts are ready to help!

Landstar Ranger is the 3th largest carrier on the market today with over 10,600 trucks of all types, we are a publicly traded company and we are financially stable, so we'll be here tomorrow when others fall by the way side.

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CR Danstar driver Rob Finch participates in the Make-A-Wish Foundation every year. This year he was selected to be within the top 30 drivers positions. This is a real honor and the kids love it too. We here at CR Danstar are proud of Rob's accomplishment and his efforts to help make many children's dreams a reality.

"In 1990, a boy named Matt was granted a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation in Lancaster, PA. His wish was to ride in a tractor trailer and talk on the cb with his sister. Word got around that Make a Wish needed 2 trucks to make this happen. What they got was over 30 trucks along with over $6,000 in donations. This was the beginning of what has become the biggest Make A Wish fundraising for our area Make A Wish. We have also set the Guiness Book of World Records for the World’s Longest Truck Convoy multiple times.

I have driven in this convoy since I started driving in 2002. In 2013, I decided to start trying to raise some serious money along with the help of my wife, Terry. The drivers that raise the most money are known as the “top 30 drivers” and get to lead the convoy. The first year I was a top 30 driver I was number 27. This year I will be number 3 having raised over $16,000. I am always proud to be pulling the big blue star trailer because this letter alone usually raises over $4,000 from Landstar agents."

Rob Finch

Landstar Ranger BCO
Truck 561867


We have 53' Van Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Step Deck Trailers, Regular Double Drop Trailers, Conestoga: Flatbeds, Stepdecks and Double Drops as well, Removable Goose Neck Trailers, Schnabel Trailers, Perimeter Trailers, Extendable trailers and even the small expedite trucks from cargo vans, super bees,and D-straight trucks.

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