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That's what you're looking for when you're in the market for a Transporation Carrier, and our experts are ready to help!  Landstar Ranger is the 4th largest carrier on the market today, we are a publicly traded company and we are financially stable, so we'll be here tomorrow when others fall by the way side. 


Contact CR Danstar Trans for your transportation needs.

3760 Abercrombie Cir 
Stillwater, MN 55082

PHONE 1: (651) 342-1469
PHONE 2: (651) 342-2176
CELL DAN: 651-260-6656

FAX: 888-676-0570

Email: Dan.Mitchell@CRDanstar.com

NEW Denton, TX office:

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Landstar Ranger, Landstar Express America, and Landstar Global Logistics

At CR Danstar, LLC, We try to ease your stress by providing top quality transportation services with some of the most professional, safety conscious and courteous drivers on the road today.  We help transportation departments move their freight from one location to another.  We have one of the safest carrier fleets on the road today and if you combine the experience behind Landstar and the safety environment with the professionalism of our drivers, you have one of the best companies to work and partner with.  We move freight both domestically and internationally to include most countries and especially Canada and Mexico and even ALASKA and the oil fields in Canada as well as International lanes.   We have 53' Van Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Step Deck Trailers, Double Drop Trailers, Removable Goose Neck Trailers, Schnabel Trailers, Perimeter Trailers, Extendable trailers and even the small expedite trucks from cargo vans, super bees,and straight trucks.    We are the largest OVER DIMENSIONAL carrier in the industry today with over 500 pcs of equipment at your discretionary use.   See our truck page for trailer types and dimensions available.   See our Truck Page    If we don't have a piece of equipment right where you need it, we also have capacity plus resources and contracts with over 30,000 other carrier companies that we partner with, and before we contract with them, they must meet and maintain the same safety requirements that we keep with our own drivers, so chances are pretty good, we'll be able to meet your needs, when you need them. 

Do you want trucks showing up on time so your crews and customers don't have to wait?  Do you want strong communication during the transit process so you know what's going on?  Do you want to work with one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry?   If your projects run smoothly, on time without issue, can you really put a price on that level of service....NO YOU CAN'T !!!

Call on CR Danstar Transportation, LLC and Landstar Ranger BCO's, we'll give it to you straight, we'll do what we say and  we'll go the extra LEGAL and SAFE mile for you.  

Please feel free to cruise around our website to see what were all about and then give us call to see how we can make your transportation solutions an every day service for you, your company and most importantly...YOUR CUSTOMERS and in the end, save you $ MONEY $

What's New?

CR Danstar Cares - Make-A-Wish Foundation

CR Danstar driver Rob Finch participates in the Make-A-Wish Foundation every year. This year he was selected to be within the top 30 drivers positions. This is a real honor and the kids love it too. We here at CR Danstar are proud of Rob's accomplishment and his efforts to help make many children's dreams a reality.

  •   Hazmat Carriers hard to find?   Call CR Danstar Transportation.  All of our drivers must maintain a current Hazmat certification to continue driving here.   Hazmat carriers are falling by the way side and each one that falls, makes Landstar the more obvious choice for your freight.  Maybe you also need AA&E Transport, then you have found the right place, give us a call to book your loads. 


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